Over 35 Years Experience in Professional Animal Care


Ms Manners boot camp

  • Intrinsic ability to accurately detect motive for problems in animals.
  • Working from the ground up and the inside out. 
  • Application of common sense solutions that work
  • Improving balance and overall well being
  • Inspiring positive change
  • Professional, experienced care and service you know and trust

Ms Manners Boot Camp is now stepping out to offer Walk in Whispers. Dog walking, Conservation hikes , Puppy/Senior visits.

Dog Therapy. Rehabilitation, In home Consultations, Helping you, your dog and your special needs.

Walk in Whispers. Dog walking, Conservation hikes , Puppy/Senior visits.

• Knowledgeable and Experienced in Animal Health Care and Special Needs dogs:

  • Master Reiki practitioner for pet's
  • Post Surgery, Diabetes, Disabilities, natural/homeopathic remedies


Extensive knowledge and Professional experience for over 35 years.
Caring for animals and their mental and physical well being. Working from the ground up as well as from the inside out.

Professional Dog Grooming

 Toy to Giant & everything in between. ( by appointment only )

Training Transformation's
Experienced in animal behaviour and rescue rehabilitation. Re-training behavioural issues, resulting in a positive turn around.

Basic Foundation for Life Skills
Training starts as soon as you bring your new puppy home.  Developing a trusting relationship with positive guidance, setting boundaries, using positive and consistent reinforcement and guidance using positive and consistent reinforcement.
Building a respectful and loving bond between you and your dog that will continue through its lifetime. Proper Socialization at an early age is key to a well balanced happy individual.

Dog Behavior Therapy and Healing

Puppy Development and Senior Dog Management

Rescue Rehabilitation

Certified Pet First Aid

Master Reiki practitioner

I had the pleasure of having Sue out to do some Reiki on my mare "Sugar", after a paddock accident. Where she slipped and had a bad fall and unsure of exact area of of trauma. There were moments during the the treatment where the mare reacted to the different points and areas of injuries found. Confirmation from the animal we were on track. Sue was informative and really felt " Sugars"' energy. I was grateful to have Sue's findings which then led to chiropractic and acupuncture treatments.  Which also confirmed Sue was correct with her findings. 



God Bless Lucas  rescue, may he rest in peace.

Bite first, in fear kind of guy. It took us many years to overcome his issues, some we never did….one big one was having him groomed. In the beginning I had to have him sedated….. then we found you. You accepted him without hesitation, even though we said he would bite you….. over the years you demonstrated such patience and care and of course love….We valued your work with Lucas beyond measure. David and I both just couldn't trust anyone else to care for him like you did.David drove many miles to bring him to you when you moved up north. This is a testament to how good you are at your job and what a wonderful human being you are to accept and work with our special guy. You are forever in our hearts". 


My mare had a freak accident, which was puzzling as to what happened and to the extent of her injuries. I was led by the first veterinarian to believe it was "founder". Although, I wasn't convinced. Sue came in to go over" Sugar " with Reiki.

There were moments during the treatment , the mare reacted to the different points and areas of injuries that were found Confirmation from the animal , that we were on track. Sue was informative and really felt "Sugar's", energy.

I was grateful to have Sue's findings which then led to Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments that also confirmed Sue was correct in her Reiki treatment.


F.T. R. 
"Sue, never ever will we forget what you have done for "Brunswick"... Healed him, so he was able to have joy in his life with his furry friend's and the love of his life "Cheyenne". Thank you sooo much for all you did ... You truly are a dog whisperer".

"You understand what they need and how to approach each challenge with care and compassion".

"Gus is a tribute to Sue's ability to create a different future for even the most unfortunate dog".

"Sue was marvelous, especially with our two "special needs", …

"Susan has an exceptional understanding of dog's".

"Talk about exceeding customer expectation, we cannot thank you enough".

"Sue looks at the whole picture and provides guidance based on everyone's unique situation".

"We could not believe the improvement in only 3 day's".

"we were told by an animal behaviouralist in Toronto after working with them for over 1.5 years that Layla was a "social outcast",… until we met Sue"...

H.J. "
"Sue has an uncanny ability with dog's"…

"Pepper, eventually lost his sight but Sue did an amazing job caringfor him, guiding him with word's".

"Highly recommend Sue to any dog owner who wants quality care".

Max is doing great thanks to you.   I am very glad we had you take him for the long weekend.  
You were able to find the hot spot growing under his neck and when I saw the picture you sent I was shocked how nasty it had spread.  
But thankfully he was with you for two days and your treatment stopped it from growing further.  In fact you cured him.  
We followed up with a Vet on Tuesday and the Vet was very impressed that the hot spot had healed so quickly.  He could not believe that you were able to cure Max so quickly.  
Since then we have Max on some perscribed medicine from the Vet and his itching has subsided.  I think within a week or so he will be back to normal.  
Once again Susan, my family Thanks you for taking care of our boy Max.  I have no idea what I would have done over that long weekend without you.
Best Regards

Kirt Karim


"My 3 dogs were out of control, Susan took them home with her for retraining and within three weeks they were different dogs.  
I would highly recommend her as she is the Alpha leader and dogs do respect her.

A very satisfied customer."


About Susan

With over 35 years of professional equine and canine care and well being.  A culmination of working experience learning from trainers, veterinarians, education, and mentoring from grandfathered skills not found in books. Not forgetting all of the animals that have crossed my path, each have taught me something.

  • Teaching credentials:

    It all started in England, as a child with a dog walking job of my own making after our family dog died. Then after arriving to Canada at the age of 10 I travelled the dog show circuit and started to learn and work with hunter jumpers. From there the next twenty years were spent in Canada and America working with the thoroughbred race horses. Including having had the privilege of teaching registered classes of advanced students prerequisite course prior to writing exams for official trainer's licence.

    Also participating in the CoOp program with the Fergus district High School as well as Mayfield Secondary School, mentoring students wishing to learn more about the safe handling and care of large numbers of animals in an ever changing pack environment. Sharing information in good animal management for success and happiness. 

    To help inspire positive change for a more balanced and harmonious existence.

Animals come into our lives to teach us something. I have been blessed to have had some many great lessons from some wonderful animals that have crossed my path. I look forward to the continuation of many more.


"Luckily for Gus, Sue was able to see through his fearful snappishness and see the kind hearted dog he was inside".
The book includes a separate training and strategy guide for your rescued dog.
"Gus was an amazing dog but it took me over two years to gain his trust after his abusive start in life but the loving bond we shared was like no other. Gus quickly stole the hearts of many with his scruffy uniqueness and his intelligent yet comical personality".

"Rescue rehabilitation and behavioural transformations are my passion.
It is my greatest reward to have been able to make a positive difference in an animal's life, which secures their place in a forever home by having succeeded in making a positive turn around."


The Adventures of Gus and Us - SOLD OUT

Co authored book, including a training manual, about one of her rescue's "Gus".

To order the book contact Susan on the email form or phone number below.


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